Saturday, December 31, 2011

performance 2011 = pain, pain, pain ;-(

what an ugly year at the financial markets!
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what the hell happened with me and the markets in 2011? well, the base of my former success, the (steady) rising gold + silver + commodities prices, was not the only difference this time .... unlike the last few years, in 2011 was the gold silver rally in late august unfortunately OVER with an all-time-high @ $1,921 just read my euphoric comment(s) + watch the funny screen shots as the gold price crossed the 1,900 burden ... and later on came the 2008-like-crash in mining stock prices ;-(

if u dont understand why im gonna separate between trading and investing results, its because traders and investors are 2 different species of our dear homo sapiens financialis. just think abt it for a second or two ...

traders = paranoid dreamers who fight against insiders, against political manipulators (eg interventions of central banks in the currency + bond markets), often even against fundamental conditions and own believes in order to snap off few bucks out of short-term movements of the financial markets. (jaro gruber)

investors = stupid idiots who sell their stocks even for a price next to nothing and then wonder why fell 'the markets' that low (jaro gruber)

of course, both traders and investors if they succeed have to pay taxes, support the society and oppose their ugly bloodsucking speculator image made by politics & mainstream media in order to direct the public outrage away from politicians. what if they lose? easy, then they lose their own money and nobody cares abt them .... go homo sapiens financialis go :)
  • my micro trading account: approx 2-3% of all funds; commodity CFDs (natural gas, silver, wheat, orange juice, coffee, sugar, corn, rice, ...). yes, my swing + position trading worked quite fine again, ive made 6k €uros from january till july, which means a YTD trading-performance of +82.5% in 2011, my 2nd best result ever, next to crazy +347% in 2010 ... not bad, isnt it? btw, my peak performance mark was above +10k in june, but then ive lost 4k in 4 days while on holidays. of course, u can go through the july blog post linked above if u are interested in trading psychology issues :-). after the worldwide stock exchanges and my broker consequently increased the margin requirements (e.g. in silver CFDs +700%) and i was forced to provide much much much more money in order to keep a similar line of open positions, ive decided to quit my trading completely. the 2nd reason to quit was my (absolutely wrong) assumption that the gold/silver mining stocks are going to take off and rally for the rest of the year and thus ive mobilized all financial resources i could get .... what a mistake! btw, im not disappointed abt my decision. why not? damn, cos of my hyper-inflationary scenario i was commodities long only but the markets reacted more like in 2008 which means there was panic all over the board (commodities, equities, the most sovereign bonds, ....) and i would definitely lose money, just look at the development of commodity prices since summer till now. well, lets move to the investing part of my 'performance'.
  • my investing account(s): approx 97-98% of all funds; mostly gold + silver + commodity stocks, few energy stocks (esp. green energy), few internet + technology stocks, 1 silver ETF (~ my cash position), 2 different oil call options (one sold in november). PAIN + PAIN + PAIN ... except the first 2.5 months ive felt like in the crashy 2008, u know? there was such a selling pressure in late march, may, july, september, october, november, december ... OMD ;( ... i had to sell few of my positions and few others have been sold by my broker because of margin calls in the sept/oct crash etc and so fort ...  well, the balance of my actions in 2011 was approx plus 60 €uros including my tax loss selling of my silver ETF on xmas eve at a loss of 4.7k in order 2 reduce the tax impacts of my remaining trading/investing profits ... not 2 bad u think? wrong, wrong, wrong my friends ... the problem are the open positions, u know? well, ive lost close to 100k of last year's fictive profits .... it hurts like hell .... of course, i consider my investing account rather as 'numbers' and not as 'money', but 100k could easily buy a new car and leave 50k for additional purchase of mining stocks at these soooooooo depressed levels ... it hurts like hell again ... what to do know? nothing, what else? yep, our 11 years old car cant go into a museum yet and has to survive a year or 2 longer, who cares?
any additional insights? well, after the tax payers all over the rescued the big banks in 2008/2009 the financial crisis turned into sovereign debt crisis (greece, irland, usa, italy, ...); the nuclear disaster in fukushima/japan was not bad enough in order to quit usage of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons (NATO's uranium ammunition 'left' all over the war places); the senseless western colonial wars continued in iraq, afghanistan, libya, .... ; the exorbitant western agricultural subsidies caused additional bankruptcies of farmers in 3rd world and thus hunger + starvation again (esp eastern africa ... btw, the situation there is so hopeless that few desperate folks try to survive as pirates ... OMD, pirates in 21th century!!!); the CIA financed arab spring movement caused revolutions in tunisia, egypt, syria, .... and finally, there is a big big BIG HOPE for 2012+ as the #OccupyWallStreet movement started in NYC and could spread itself around the globe. finally do people like u and me claim for justice + freedom + real democracy + a new society ruled by people and not by huge corporations & illuminati & corrupt governments ...

any lessons learned in 2011? the financial markets are not a one-way-road.

my outlook for 2012+ is not much different from previous years ... the fiat money crisis will continue and become worse and worse until the #OccupyWallStreet movement finally replaces the ruling 'elites' by real democracy and the fraudulent paper money system will be replaced by else, prolly by gold/silver backed currency(ies)

what to say after my whole financial mess is completely revealed and 2011 is in few hours over? what abt a slogan as every year? ok. merry crisis + happy new fear! huhhhhh? not pessimistic enough? ok, my 2nd trial: merry xmas + happy new year + occupy2012, my friends ;-)

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