Tuesday, December 20, 2011

gonna CRASH this unfair political-military-system! how? gonna crash its MONETARY BASE ...

folks, ive seen that saaaaad saaaaad pictures + videos from egypt where police + military killed at least 11 unarmed demonstrators in the streets ... even women and folks laying on the floor without any resistance :-( ...  OMG :-((
source: facebook

... and it is not only egypt, there are similar current pictures coming from belarus (weißrussland), usa (#OccupyWallStreet protests), etc ... there is no big difference between democracies + dictatorships anymore ;-((, at least i couldnt find out any difference between belarussian & u.s. police at the picture bellow, maybe u can?  ... THEREFORE lets stop 'our' current political-military-complex ASAP ... real democracy NOW ... #OccupyWallStreet + #OccupyTogether + Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

source: facebook


even more shocking truth abt egypt ;-(((

so how 2 crash this political-military-system? thats easy, my dear! the most (western) countries are bankrupt, really bankrupt... how the hell they still can afford to pay its police + military, to subsidy nuclear energy/industry, to subsidy its (well selected, not all) bankrupt banks, to subsidy nature destroying biofuels and other agricultural products and last but not least even afford 2 bomb other countries as the north atlantic terror organisation (NATO) led by the USA does all over the world? its all abt paper money which can be printed at no costs and used 2 pay its soldiers, banksters, bureaucrats ;-(( ... so whats 2 do? we just have to CRASH its MONETARY BASE => lets buy gold + silver + real estate + real stuff + withdraw (most of) our money out of the banking system ... (nothing on debt, of course)  .... go gold & silver bugs go and lets crash that fraudulent undemocratic unfair fiat money system NOW!

lets start immediately, just like i did, look what a nice SILVER ive got for paper €uros yesterday ... and yes, there are many folks buying precious metals right now, my favorite coin dealer told me ... anyway, lets hope 2012 will be a better year than 2011 was ...

or do u more believe in paper money like €urope?
source: savehaven.com

ps: gorbatschew warns of 3rd world war in his speach in munich on dec 10th, 2011 ... folks, lets stop the current military-political-complex before it stops the planet ,,,

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