Saturday, February 9, 2013

thomas bernhard + bertholt brecht

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what a nice and happy chinese new year today :-)

the best of all wives + me + a friend of ours have had dinner at an asian restaurant, went later to a so nice celebration of 82 anniversary of birthday of the german poet thomas bernhard to a small pub in munich - giesing. well, jürgen aka nemo babelfish + his buddy set to music the sophisticated socio-critical poems of thomas bernhard + bertholt brecht so well, we liked the songs and the familiar athmosphere it a lot :)
source: here
enjoy few snapshots:
yes, this is the sound we liked :-)

well, after 27-30 hours i've succeeded to finish an youtube upload (hell, what about my internet connection/settings?), the song to my favorite bertholt brecht poem, a proletarian love between a crane and the generations of its workers called 'Milchsack Nr. 4' ... go proletariat go :-)

if you want to enjoy more songs just visit nathan's website or his youtube channel :-)

btw, there have been few similar events in nemo's toberaum as well: tucholsky + may day

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