Thursday, January 31, 2013

america meets africa? red eagle mining + agriterra ...

not yet, my dears, just an interesting investor lunch today

the canadian gold explorer red eagle mining with projects in colombia and the pan-african agriculture business company agriterra were presented by cm-equity and gianni kovacevic in one of munich's best restaurants käfer today.

red eagle mining
 source: company website
  • colombia, historical gold mines, opportunity because cheap like an unwanted pet 
  • first production targeted for 2015
  • ...

  • mozambique, cattle, maize, macadamia nuts, bananas, fruits,
  • sierra-leone, cocoa,
  • makes profit (let's check that in their finacial reports first ...) or just going to make profits?
  • trades approximatelly at its cash level
  • unfortunately only a AIM london listing, TSX-V listing should come in 2013
  • ...
of course, i've welcomed the chance to get some inside information about the war situation in MALI from gianni, who is one of the major shareholders of one of my portfolio companies legend gold which has 3 properties in southern mali and is 80% since my initial purchase. it is down a lot especially for a company which has no debt and doesn't spend any money on its projects (the joint-venture partners do), isn't it?

... more insights? coming soon or never
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