Sunday, February 24, 2013

tourist for a day

castle hohenschschwangau, built 1851 by the father of bavarian media star king ludwig ll

the best of all wives + myself have had a small anniversary to celebrate, 20 years of marriage. of course, many of you would say it is rather a reason to go apart, but not in our karma driven lives :-)

well, we have spent a beautiful weekend at neuschwanstein / hohenschwangau, the place where the ‚crazy‘ and gay bavarian fairy tale king ludwig ll also loved to spent his days. unfortunately, the neuschwanstein castle was not completely finished and the planned falkenstein castle even not commenced to build. why not? was he out of money as our today‘s governments permanently are? no, not at all. he died mysteriously at the age of 40 in the nearby starnberger lake. because he was a damn good swimmer so there was probably someone else ‚helping‘ him to die. what a pity, my dears …

anyway, his castles neuschwanstein + nymphenburg + herrenchiemsee + linderhof are a huge magnet which attracts unbelievable masses of tourists to bavaria each year. on top we shouldn‘t forget the tasty dark beer 'könig ludwig dunkel' either, cheers :-)

any lessons learned, my dear governments? make castles + beer not war :o)

what a great view from hour hotel room / balcony


for some strange reason or an another i think our pictures are better than on average, probably because there was something in the air, if you asked me. impossible after 23 common years and 20 years as a couple? hell, decide by yourself or ask the ghost from the hotel corridor picture, my dears ...

king ludwig ll specials
neuschwanstein, picture from our summertime visit (sightseeing in bavaria)
nymphenburg (sightseeing in bavaria)
herrenchiemsee (sightseeing in bavaria)
falkenstein (sightseeing in bavaria)
linderhof, ludwig ll favorite place (sightseeing in bavaria)
könig ludwig dunkel (source: brewery)

btw, comparing to our visit to malaysia + thailand last summer, it is easy + nice to be a tourist in bavaria: nobody is cheating you no matter whether you speak chinese or japanese or russian or french (the main tourist groups as i felt). even for a horse ride to the castle you don‘t have to pay fantasy prices unlike taxi/boat tours in bangkok or kuala lumpur because the price is directly written at the coach and yes, there is a fair cost-benefit-ratio, you know?

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