Thursday, May 2, 2013

nigel farage on euro, slovenia, europe and the upcoming revolution ...

hell, there was a great event in santiago de chile with nigel farage, ron paul, peter schiff, jim rogers ... were all famous libertarian and/or austrian economist over there?

source: wikipedia

let's listen to nigel farage on euro, slovenia, europe, merkel, hollande and the upcoming revolution first (the german translation of his speech is here)

some older nigel farage stuff :-)

... and yes, if i will not be able to find some interesting parts of the speeches from the other guys in order to post them here, so just move to my libertarian & save the planet link library, where all of these guys (paul, schiff, rogers) have already their own 'column' with some of their earlier interviews / videos, my dears ;-)

damn, socialism never works, why don't we try freedom for a change?

addendum january 27th, 2014: Nigel Farage: The clean version is that we need international trade, massive deregulation and rolling back of the state to get the country into a proper economic recovery. The EU is the antithesis of that. - .... See more at:

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