Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MAYDAY 1st ~ events for a peaceful, fair and sustainable world ~ JOIN US

friends, let's join the various events / demos / speeches / music events for a peaceful, fair and sustainable world. there is for in your area

first of may demos, how they used to be? maybe like this one? well, this was a flyer by the social-democrats in vienna many years ago :-)
source: here

i will upload few pictures from the event in munich. the most people will be at the marienplatz from about 11a.m., our OccupyWallStreet group is going to join the smaller, alternative + libertarian event at rindermarkt which is only 150-200 meters away from marienplatz anyway .... i'm not sure if  jürgen aka nemo and his band are going to play at rindermarkt like they did last year. anyway, let's present you my favourite proletarian song with lyrics from a bertholt brecht poem :-)

jürgen today at rindermarkt:

few pictures ...

more pictures? ok, just visit my g+ album

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