Saturday, July 13, 2013

8000 against GMO, monsanto & Co.

source: here

what a demo in munich + CSD 2013 today! there were 8,000 folks demanding healthy food, support for small farmers providing it and protesting against genetically modified food, monsanto, GMO,  agricultural lobbies, against pestizides, bee deaths and against an agricultural industry destroying the nature ...

official event website
dear justitia, you are blind, i think ...
christopher street day ~ CSD 2013 ~ marienplatz

more pictures? see my g+ album with demo march, munich sightseeing, a beauty justitia, christpher street day celebration ...

at the march from odeonsplatz to the office of the bavarian prime minister i was next to a samba group, so i remember only bummm, bumm barassa bumm bumm bummmmm :-)

more to come soon or never :-)
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