Sunday, July 7, 2013

beer mug holding championship :-)

title defense successful, i'm also the 2013 beer mug upholding champion (bavarian triathlon aka bayerischer dreikampf) in our local sports day festival, out of 13 guys, mostly weight lifters :-) 

i still can't believe where and why i have got that talent, in the overall competition of bavarian triathlon i have the 4th place ... i was only the number 9 in stone lifting, the #5 in tree sawing and the winner in beer mug upholding, after 7 minutes resigned the last competitor ;o) ... and yes, my daughter's group won the team competition, they had to take part in many different sports like soccer, table tennis, obstacle course ... they have been the real all rounders, you know? the second place won the table tennis team and the 3rd place the last year's winner, the weight lifters ... the weight lifters didn't complain too much because they have got the first 3 places in the bavarian triathlon :-)

few pictures from that sports + fun event:
the last two out of 13 :-)
... and the winner is .... me :-)

there are few more pictures in my g+ album
btw, that was the last year's event

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