Sunday, July 21, 2013

herzogstand, heimgarten, walchensee, kochelsee, schlehdorf

what a nice day in the hills today :-)

we have visited herzogstand (moved up by cable car), hiked almost to heimgarten, then back to herzogstand (lunch) and down to lake walchensee, swimmed in the so cold lake kochelsee, visited the monastery in schlehdorf ... only the best of all wives + me :-)

herzogstand, 1731 m
close to the top of herzogstand, looking down 
all in one

more pictures :-)

bavaria is so beautiful: the hills from downside, the churches from outside, the inns from inside :-)
bayern ist so schön: die berge von unten, die kirche von außen, das wirtshaus von innen :-)

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