Sunday, August 18, 2013

pöllatschlucht ~ neuschwanstein ~ füssen

what a coincidence of fortune today ~ we were looking for the neuschwanstein castle and found (on the way back) also this wonderful piece of nature in the bavarian alps, the pöllatschlucht (pöllat canyon) ... and yes, we have enjoyed the fresh ice cold water and built up our own tower of stones for good luck :-)
the city of füssen

you could find even more pictures in my g+ album. btw, my former visit in february was nice either and you will find there also the pictures of the other 3 castles of the 'crazy' (or just gay?) bavarian king ludwig ll :-)

ps: we have been to the ettal monastery + linderhof castle + oberammergau village + lake bad bayersoien yesterday

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