Thursday, August 8, 2013

sinai ~ egypt

bedouin eyes
 camel eyes
 tourists' bar
 let's dance
ladies also dance ...
our beach
 let's go

folks, i have very limited internet access here in sinai / egypt, so i will probably write more later ... just for your 1st impression: even if in cairo, alexandria, north sinai is the #egyptianrevolution going on, down here in the tourist areas in south sinai (sharm-el-sheikh, dahab, nuweiba, taba) is it safe + fine + the local people are happy that at least few tourists are here as tourism is the no. 1 business sector ... and yes, all people we spoke to said they are against mursi and his muslim brotherhood. so how could the muslim brotherhood win the democratic elections a year ago? well, after 30 years of mubarak's dictatorship (1981 to 2011) there were not many political parties or groups / organisations left and the brotherhood was organised, a huge advantage, you know? the 2nd reason the people didn't like mursi & co was their disappointment after one year of his leadership - no promises fulfilled ...

but yes, there are some security issues out there: we couldn't move to our hotel after arrival and had to stay in a hotel close to the airport in sharm-el-sheik as the road is closed after darkness ... and the trips to the sightseeing areas are very very limited also ... limited but still possible => few insights about jordan + israel :-)

more pictures? just visit my g+ album

anything else? yep, i have a new favorite radio station i could listen in our swiss inn hotel all day long: swiss pop (just music, mostly even music of my youth ... no advertisment + news + the like)

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