Sunday, September 15, 2013

one earth, one world, one humanity

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one world => one humanity :-)
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friends, it is really that way. i have been to so many countries this year: poland, germany, austria, vietnam, switzerland, egypt, jordan, israel, usa, belgium, netherlands, luxemburg (if i remember the string in the right order :-) and you know what? there is just one world, one earth, one planet. even we folks are so similar: need some food, the same air to breathe. we are happy when not hungry + not thirsty + have shelter + enjoy our time with people we like or alone in the nature ... we have so much in common and there is so little difference ... do not believe that nationality, religion or the like divides us in completely different universes as the politics of the current financial-military-industrial complex and its small dirty mainstream media is trying tio suggest us. do you still remember that all recent western imperialistic wars (iraq, afghanistan, libya) were based on lies? so be careful if the 'system' will attack syria + lebanon + iran + south korea or any other country which is not willing to 'give' all its resources to the huge corporations ...

what not to do? of course, do not destroy life (stop wars) or nature and do not support people / political parties / organizations (NATO) / corporations etc. which are involved in the destruction process ...

what to do? that's easy, but please DO SOMETHING good ... protect the nature, clean-up the nature whereever possible, eat less meat, consume less and try to buy sustainable products, support peace and freedom, join movements which are against wars + unfairness, like the OccupyWallStreet (OWS) movement, greenpeace, WWF, ... damn, there are so many movements for the good, just support / join the ones which fits to you :)

btw, when in or close to NY on sept 17th, you could join the OWS fellows at their 2nd anniversary demo in NYC (zuccotti park ~ former liberty square):
source: here .. and here is a nice report about how the event was + what to do next

and always remember, there is no planet B.

source for both planet pictures: here

if you have time, maybe you would like to read / watch more about 'safe the world' issues? well, i have few link libraries with interviews, videos, movies, pictures here:
anything else? coming soon or never ...

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