Wednesday, September 4, 2013


next stop on our see the world journey is the city of heidelberg in the baden-württemberg region of germany and world cultural heritage by unesco. heidelberg has the nicest castle ruin i have ever seen and the oldest university in today's germany. btw, the oldest german university is the charles' university in prague, followed by the university of vienna. anyway, what surprised me most was how green the whole heidelberg area was. small hills + forest all over the horizon in the so called odenwald massive. just see the last picture made from 'our' hotel elsenztal in bammental.

few pictures
the heidelberg castle ruin
the pharmacy museum in the heidelberg castle
wine bar in the castle
huge wine barrel
the old river neckar bridge
the old university (right)
old university's lecture hall
heidelberg castle ruin
the sunny breakfast terrace in 'our' hotel elsenztal in bammental
more pictures here

more insights coming soon or never. our next planned stop is the city of antwerp / antwerpen in belgium.

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