Sunday, November 10, 2013

gold + silver show (2 days), munich 2013

the next munich precious metals show edelmetalmesse is over. we have had two great days with many many wonderful presentations, mining companies, coin dealers, newsletter writers, hostesses and the like. but to be honest, the state of the gold + silver + commodity markets is very very bad. the share price of many many mining companies is today below the 2008 panic lows and many junior mining companies and/or explorer will probably go bankrupt in the next few months. just to give you one number, this year there were 70 mining companies less than last year ...

unfortunately, the world controlling fiat money system is still so strong and honest money systems (local systems, bitcoins, gold / commodity / working hour / etc covered monetary systems and the like) are still so unimportant and thus (among others) a fair peaceful world still so far away ... so sad if you asked me :-( anyway, go gold bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent fiat money system :-)
2 x dirk müller aka mr. dax
 chris berry (just sign for his free newsletter @ house-mountain :-)
among the coin and bullion dealers were degussa and proaurum the biggest
 where is the german private money? philipp vorndran brought this nice slide ...
 ... and this one as well. looks like chris berry's war east vs. west, doesn't it?
 let's recycle all the gold + silver + other commodities out of our mobile phones
the former slovak parliament president richard sulik. this euro critic annoyed the mighty fiat money mafia for a week as slovakia didn't agreed to some euro rescue package (there was and for some issues maybe there still is the rule that 100% of members have to agree i think). and yes, the reality showed that all that rescue packages for greece didn't worked out: the industrial production, employment, wealth, etc. collapsed badly and even the hope is far away. the european taxpayers paid a lot of money just to rescue few banks who held greek debt :(
the banking lobbyist folker (hellmayer?) hellmeyer from the bremer landesbank (central bank of the german state of bremen) is a gold bug and europe fan on the one hand, on the other hand is he an advocate for state driven thievery of private people's money and its redirection to banks (e.g. in cyprus)
professor thomas ramb spoke a lot about different monetary systems and about the different perspective of private investors and the state ...
the visitors liked the presentations, if you asked me ....
... what do you think?
enjoy few following slides from andreas popp and his wissensmanufaktur. more about their models for a fair world aka 'plan B' here). my dears, do not think the banks are above the state by accident. the money printers rule the mainstream media and it rules the politicians (politics actors). btw that explains also why is at an occupy protest in berlin only the police against the demonstrators  and at an occupy protest in frankfurt the german army bundeswehr plus the police. frankfurt is the centre of power, you know?
 andreas popp
the 5 accounts of national economy ~ die 5 konten der volkswirtschaft ...
... and here a little bit nicer with a link to and with ADDITIONAL MATERIAL about state debt from source: wissensmanufaktur

andreas popp: financial winners and loser in germany the last 20 years. private people as a group are the winners. please do not expect that the average household got 52,000 €uro richer what the average increase per household approximately is. there were few privileged and the most were not. the businesses and the government/state are also among the losers. the state  too? of course, it wouldn't be bankrupt otherwise. if you asked me, only the money printers and their small dirty underlings are the true winners and yes, they belong also to the private household group. not a big surprise as we got already used to privatization of profits and socialization of losses, is it?
 andreas popp
 andreas popp: that's the model for a better world aka 'plan B' 
claus vogt spoke about the big picture in politics + economy + investments
 question asked by silver guru david morgan and the audience many times in the last 2 years ... his answer? not at all and yes, he mentioned that 90% of a price movement often happens in the last 10% of time like e.g. in the last gold+silver rally in 1965 - 1980)
  dietmar siebholz spoke about the political developments in germany + about technology (siebholz + graphene applications by grafoid + focus graphite)
the crazy professor hans bocker about long term value of paper currencies :-)
one of the pretty hostesses. this one represented one bullion dealer company

more pictures here, the official event site heremore insights soon or never :-)
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