Saturday, September 13, 2014

crete ~ heraklion

summer holidays with wife and youngest daughter in europe, greece, crete / creta / kreta, heraklion area, amoudara (ammoudara), hotel apollonia beach resort & spa close to 4 factories, 2 hotel building ruins, industrial port with 2-4 ships being uploaded or waiting for upload each day, airport and with layers of concrete and broken metal tubes in the sea in front of our hotel (dirty water pipelines and pipelines for sea water facilities for swimming pool?)  ... the romantic of the post-industrial era, is it? 

well, don't ask me after which criteria have my two lovely girls chosen that hotel :-)  ... probably because it was the #1 for crete in a public feedback website .... and yes, we like the hotel a lot anyway, especially the so fantastic food and the so friendly staff here .... if you asked me, the chimneys of the first (and biggest) factory are high enough to spread the smoke above our hotel and the sea absorbed the rusting pipelines and masses of concrete also quite well (probably was it a cheap way of waste disposal few decades ago or it has something to do with the salt water swimming pool facilities, who knows?), so we've also acclimated to this industrial scenery soon :-)
sweet romantic of the post-industrial era at appolonia beach close to amoudara, heraklion

our last time in greece was 2012 at the peloponnese peninsula looking at beautiful beach and romantic sunset behind the hills of the kefalonia island ...

btw, unlike we would expect, we haven't seen much poverty on crete .... and yes, the the beggars in heraklion we have supported at our first visit rather belonged to a beggar gang than to the poor locals as the waitress in a cafe told us ...

well, enjoy few crete pictures from our day trips here, few hotel and heraklion area pictures are  just below:
 river meets ocean #1

river meets ocean #2
a construction stuff factory? you see the entry in the hill? an old military or industrial bunker?
 one of the ships being loaded at our beach
 inside that strange bunker ...
back to the beach ... what a nice stones out there :-)
 view from our hotel room balcony to heraklion ...
32 times zoomed :-)
koules fortress is a venetian fortress of Rocca al Mare (1523–1540) on the left side
 Agios Minas Cathedral
ikarus + daedalus (ikaros + daedalos)
the venetian loggia (1626–28)
 omg :-)
the venetian morozini fountain at lion's square (built under care of francesco morosini in 1629)
 ... by night with soooo many people sitting around in the cafes + restaurants
... whar about the crete mythos?
 heraklion by night .. there is no crisis in heraklion, you know? the bars + cafes + restaurants are full with locals + tourists

... all censored and uploaded crete pictures here

more coming soon or never :-)

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