Monday, September 29, 2014

unterammergau ~ püschling ~ teufelstättkopf ~ ettal

well, after visiting beachy head few weeks ago, today we have climbed up the devil's head :-)
started from unterammergau, moved in 2 hours on to püschling cottage (1565 m) where we have had a nice sunny lunch with local bavarian brass band, finally took next 30 - 40 minutes on teufelstättkopf (1758 m), back to unterammergau and dinner in ettal ... beautiful day in the alps

tour description by (start from unterammergau, parking place pürschling => first turn left in unterammergau when coming from munich)

idea for next tour: große klammspitze (1923 m) or at least brunnenkopfhütte (start from parking place (behind the) linderhof castle: tour description

 teufelstättkopf, 1758m
my small sister
august-schuster-haus (püschlinghaus, pürschlinghaus) ~ püschling cottage 1565m
 on the way back
ettal monastery (our former visit: here)
more pictures here
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