Friday, September 26, 2014

business lunch

the resource investment community is still alive, despite the so depressed commodity prices ...

following 6 companies presented their stories in cooperation with jochen's swiss resource company in munich:
  • inca one gold (TSX-V: IO) ~ processing of gold ore in peru ~ i've bought few more shares as it is one of very few commodity companies in my portfolio which didn't collapse in 2013 or in 2014
  • timmins gold corp (TSX: TMM, NYSE-MKT: TGD) ~ gold production in mexico ~ all in costs approximately $1,000 per ounce ~ current gold price $1,200/oz ~ i've bought a small initial position approximately at USD 1.35
  • rye patch gold (TSX.V: RPM) ~ gold + silver in nevada / usa ~ royalties from the rochester silver mine (operated by coeur d'alene, all legal issues between coeur and rye could be solved) + exploration ~ my former investment is probably 30%-50% down
  • avanti energy inc (TSX.V: AVN) ~ small producer of oil in brazil and in usa from wells which were often 'left behind' 
  • falco resources (TSX.V: FPC) ~ gold exploration in historic rouyn-noranda camp in abitibi / quebec / canada ~ i've bought a small initial position approximately at approx. CAD 0.54
  • cortez gold (TSX.V: CUT) ~ gold-silver concentrates processing in mexico ~ my limit order for an initial position was fulfilled few days later at CAD 0.45
  • HDI rathdowney rersources  (TSX.V: RTH) ~ a Hunter Dickinson Inc. company focused on a zinc project (planned commercial production in 2017 - 2018)  in poland. additional assets are a discovery stage zinc project in ireland and a 16% interest in HDI heatherdale (TSX.V: HTR) which has a devolopment stage copper-gold-zinc-silver project in alaska / usa
 why do i buy so much stuff despite falling commodity markets? well, thanks to my peace activism (#OccupyWallStreet movement) i've learned that in order to save the world somebody should do it. but who is somebody? yes, you are right: all of us are somebody ~ me, you, our neighbours and their grandma ... so do not wait for somebody but start by yourself ... and thus in investing i buy few shares, some physical metals and i hope if many of us will do the same we can change the precious metals markets in our favorite direction .... => go gold bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent paper money system ... which among other things allows bankrupt states like USA, GB, FR, GER, ITA, ukraine, ... and its small dirty NATO armies to start (and to finance) wars all over the planet :-( ...

more coming soon or never :-)
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