Friday, August 14, 2015

ikaros - crete - greece

we didn't had much time for holidays this summer, so we spent just one week in the beautiful hotel ikaros beach resort + spa with many friendly russian, german + french tourists in malia on crete / creta / kreta  in greece ... it was a really nice week here in greece and the greek people so friendly to us ... we will come back soon, i hope  ... btw, the last year's crete pictures from heraklion are here.

we've also managed to make a one day trip to ancient archaeological sites on gortyna + phaistos / faistos / festos (i know, the translation from cyrillic into latin letters is hard) and visited also the hippie (festival) village matala in south crete, so enjoy few pictures from all these places ...
 our hotel ikaros beach in malia, northern crete
2 archaeological sites in southern crete ~ gortyna + faistos
 welcome to matala
ancient roman cemetery
 back to our hotel ikaros, malia
meow miau

good-bye greece, see you soon again ...

more pictures in my corresponding g+ album.

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