Sunday, August 30, 2015

bio (organic) gut kerschlach

what a nice day with friends in the (biological) organic agriculture farm gut kerschlach, a former nuns farm ... we have enjoyed the tasty breakfast + nice walk through the meadows and forest + the nice summer day ... enjoy few pictures :-)
pigeons house?
the main building of gut kerschlach with restaurant, bakery, toilets,  ...
they've an austrian coffee shop, too
... and strange modern pictures in their modern style restaurant
 a golf course instead of cow meadow? yes, it is probabaly more attractive for the farmers today ... 
a nice small fish pond

and yes, this farm (+ restaurant + bakery + golf place + few flats for (rich?) fans of rural live is sooo close to my favorite lake + beer garden maisinger see, you know?

few more pictures? here
lessons learned? let's support organic food and stop GMO :-)
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