Saturday, October 10, 2015

freiheit statt angst (stop watching us)

after stop acta, stop indect and stopwatchingus we have had the next nice event for freedom and against the spying state, BND, NSA & Co. in munich called 'freiheit statt angst' (freedom instead of fear)

my heroes were folks like edward snowden, anonymous + chelsea manning and the piratenpartei (pirates party) . the key speaker of the event was the former german ministry of justice and current fighter for freedom + justice + democracy, sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger.

enjoy few pictures
 event flyer
sabine leutheusser-schnarrenberger at max-joseph-platz
about 1,000 attendees march through the streets of munich
 end phase of the event was at the odeonsplatz

more pictures here

so do not forget, freedom instead of fear :-)

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