Saturday, October 3, 2015

reutlingen + tübingen + castle hohenzollern + castle lichtenstein + cave nebelhöhle

a long weekend in schwäbische alb: well, our eldest daughter started her MBA studies at the EBS in reutlingen this september. i've helped to move here stuff over there and now the best of all wives + me welcomed the chance the see this nice part of germany (baden-württemberg): schwäbische alb, reutlingen, tübingen, castle burg hohenzollern, castle schloss lichtenstein, cave nebelhöhle ... enjoy few pictures :-)
btw, my favorite was the small unknown castle lichtenstein on a hill above our hotel.

the syrian restaurant palmyra in reutlingen

castle of the prussian kings burg hohenzollern in bisingen:
my sweety in the catacombs

tübingen (unesco's world cultural heritage):
river neckar
a wedding out there
town hall
castle hohentübingen
schwäbische alb
castle schloss lichtenstein:
cave nebelhöhle
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