Wednesday, December 16, 2015


what a nice week at lanzarote, canary islands, spain :-)

we have spent 1 week of of summertime in retired people paradise (or was it just retired people season?) in hotel lanzarote village in playa del carmen at the los pocilos beach.
well, these small volcanic island is very, very dry and i wouldn't like to live here all year long, but we have seen many different countrysides and liked its austere beauty and nice warm wheater a lot. next positive suprise was the great infrastructure and the so well signed touristic point of interest :-)
welcome to hell or what?
volcanic cave (made by hot lava), cueva de los verdes
volcanos all over the horizon => lanzarote is a volcano hiking paradise, if you asked me
 teguise, the former capitol and oldest city at the canary islands
sun + wind
our companion, kia made in slovakia, who knows?
lovely donkeys :-)
a view to la graciosa from mirador del rio in the very north. la graciosa is the smallest settled canary island
meow, meow, miau
playa blanca + yellow beaches at costa de papagayo in the very south (here papagayo beach)
playa blanca ... btw, we have been hiking on the top of that volcano on the horizon in the morning
crazy me at los hervideros
el golfo
sunset in el golfo
emergency exit in the volcano national park timanfaya :-=)
my sweety was the only female guest in the port pub frankfurt in lanzarote's capitol arrecife
sun bulb
still in arrecife
this is arts, jameos del aqua
walking at costa de papagayo from beach to beach
still everything fine?
more pictures
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