Saturday, September 23, 2017


on our way back from a great, great birthday party in nuremberg (nürnberg), we have visited the medieval franconian (fränkisch, franken) city of schwabach. did you know that schwabach is also the (czeck + slovak) name of the old german 'gothic' scripture (schrift) from 15th century also called schwabacher / schwabacher scripture.
enjoy few pictures + insights, but first please reward our under brute pressure enforced trial to paint the expression of our souls :-)
my masterpiece
my sweeties workmanship
schwabach (i love these timber framework houses (fakwerkhäuser)):
there was the yearly schwabacher funfair, too
(modern) virgin mary in front of the main church in schwabach?

of course we did not miss the chance to swim in the beautiful lake pfraundorfer see close to beilngries 
more pictures here.

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