Saturday, February 17, 2018

security conference munich ~ sicherheitskonferenz 2018

soooooo, the protest against the next security conference in munich is over. the security conference (MSC) or military science conference which is its former name (~ wehrkundetagung, sicherheitskonferenz / SiKo) is an event where the military complex meets politics and where the west plans its wars of aggression. just read the names of the attendees (stoltenberg, netanjahu, guterres, mattis, poroschenko, kagame and many, many heads of governments, NATO, intelligence agencies like CIA and MOSSAD, foreign ministers, 'defense' ministers, the weapon industry and many more here)

we are many thousands activists in the streets against this war supporting and thus refugees creating event, you know? let's stop NATO, let's stop WAR.

enjoy few pictures:
me, preparing for the demo :-)
source: my stop wars blog
hmmm, why is besides the North Atlantic Terror Organization (NATO) also BMW the logo for war? even if  among many others BMW also sponsors the munich war conference, krauss maffei or rheinmetall or EADS would be more suitable, if you asked me ...

NATO's blood track: iraq, yugoslavia (kosovo), afghanistan, libya, syria, ...
there were many kurdish protesters ... and many from congo / ruanda as well
our ignorance is maybe the reason why also (western) wars of aggression work :-(
(source: dilbert by scott adams)
more pictures here

insights + pictures from the last year's protest here and please follow also to my stop wars blog.

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