Monday, April 17, 2017

sadhguru on life & more

there are many people in the world asking what is life about, why are they here, what is karma (vs. free choice), what is next and so on ... if you asked me, SADHGURU really has the talent to put it straight and in really funny way => highly recommended :-)

you can follow him on facebook or at his isha foundation in order to learn more about many interesting topics in (spiritual) life and/or get practical advice on many things which can you help in your daily life

ENJOY few quotes/videos from jaggi vasudev aka sadhguru:
“Too many people are hungry not because there is dearth of food. It is because there is dearth of love and care in human hearts.”

The unfortunate reality in the world is, most people will know peace only with #death. It is time you do something about it in #life.
If there is love in your heart, it will guide you through your life. Love has its own intelligence.

Our Environment is Our Life
what about few short videos? 
#1sadhguru on fear

#2 (miracle of life, breathing, most important thing in life is to be alive, to live as a joyful human being, try to stop breathing, ... i hope i will find this short+funny video, too). you know what? here is a video with similar message:

#3 ten quotes

#4 sadhguru on marriage, intelligence hijacked by hormones, children (20-year-project), ...

#5 sadhguru on joy and happiness

#6 sadhguru on karma, especially on this moment's karma

#7 sadhruru on mother earth (SAVE the WORLD)

#8 sadhguru on bhagavad gita

as you see, in some way or the other way, i'm still influenced by our last year's india journey

more from sadhguru / sadguru / sad guru? here we go, enjoy few quotations from his daily newsletter

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