Saturday, June 30, 2018

stop u.s. airbase ramstein - stop wars

what a protest in front of the biggest u.s. military (air) base outside the USA in ramstein / germany => let's stop it :-)

also this year there was a protest week against war in general and against the u.s. military base(s) in germany in particular. three friends of mine + me from the montagsdemo / montagsmahnwache group for peace from munich joined the peace camp from friday till sunday.

if you asked me, the camp was like a hippie music festival: nice people, (political) song writers and music groups, bonfires, beer, interesting talks with other peace activists ...
my favorite musician was kilez more (aka kevin) from austria. he has such a power to spark and to thrill people. let's listen to his performance, a short two-minutes-video-here.

at the major event, the peace demonstration and sitting blockade in front of the gates of the u.s. military air base on saturday, i liked most the speach of sahra wagenknecht, one of the leaders of german opposition party 'die linke'. just listen to her motivational words for peace:
source youtube here

enjoy few pictures:
 protest at the main square in ramstein
russia spends on military less than 10% what NATO spends => WHO THREATENS WHOM, my dears?
 NATO = North Atlantic Terror Organizations (which initiates aggression wars around the globe against countries which never threatened NATO: iraq, syria, serbia, libya, afghanistan, ...)
kilez more + morgaine
the sitting blockade of the air base was successful for about one hour
we enjoyed also the nature ...
lake streitwiesensee
good-bye peace camp, i hope i can join the protest also next year :-)
more about sadhguru
more pictures here.
last year's event here.
more about peace activism and source of the picture above in my old blog post let's STOP WARS!

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