Tuesday, January 1, 2019

castle tuczno (tütz) + northwest poland (westpreussen), PL

we take a two nights break in castle tuczno (tütz) + northwest poland (western prussia / westpreussen) before we continued from lodz via poznan to the baltic sea.
 castle tuczno
castle tuczno (schloss tütz, former name tietz) was 400 years the possession of the family von wedel (1338 bis 1739) in western prussia (westpreußen)
on the road in northern poland (western prussia + pomerania)

it was really cold there in the castle and my wife and me were the most time the only guests in the hotel. of course, there was no party planned, we knew that before .... but yes, if your car s is the only vehicle at the customer parking place and your steps the only sound in the empty corridors, you will probably think if this is the right place to be, wouldn't you? anyway, the castle ghosts were on vacation. probably at the nearby magic hill, where all objects roll up the hill (see pictures below).
we have spend the New Year's Eve (silvesternacht) in front of a fireplace. it was sooo cold in the castle, anyway ...

enjoy few pictures from the castle and the western prussia ...
huta, restaurant mlyn (mill) 
 castle tuczno
 looking for the castle ghosts in the warehouse at the top floor
good-bye, dear ghosts. good-bye, old castle ....
the mill in tuczno
the church in tuczno
 the are 3 lakes in tuczno, we walked around the smallest one
 ... coming back to our castle hotel
 our car is the one and only on the customer parking place => good-bye, tuczno :-)
magic hill, where all objects roll up the hill
city of walcz

leaving prussia and moving forward to pomerania (pommern)
entering the city center of gryfice (greifenberg in pommern)
good-bye, gryfice
more pictures here

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