Wednesday, January 2, 2019

winter at the baltic sea ~ dziwnow, PL

we have finally arrived at the baltic sea in the village of dziwnow (former german name was dievenow) on the island wolin (wollin) in northwest poland (pomerania, pommern)... in winter, you better expect wind, rain and even storm when at the baltic sea, my dears :-)
the baltic sea, all in one collage

well, it is interesting to visit a tourist area completely out of season ... ghost city is probably the best description for what you get. and yes, ghost cities have a specific charm, indeed :o))
dziwnow by google maps
 our hotel stary dziwnow (old dziwnow)
omg, what a big trees do they ram into the sand in order to protect the coast from wind & waves
best of all wives :-)
 what about a short swimming exercise in the ice cold winter sea? YES, YES, YES :-)
two of us
 miedzyzdroje. gruby? do they mean me or some other fat guy? polska :O)
good-bye, baltic ...
more pictures here
pictures from our summer trip to the baltic sea here

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