Saturday, May 25, 2019

grosser arber, 1456 m

what a nice hiking tour to the small and the great arber, which is with 1456 m the highest peak in the bayerischer wald, the mountain massif on the german-czech-austrian border area.

coming from deggendorf my tour started in bodenmais from the risslochweg hikers' parking place  besides the riessloch waterfalls up to the great arber. after 'climbing' up 3 of its 5 stone peaks (ok, walking is more sufficient here) i went to the chamer hütte (cottage) and the small arber peak (1383 m). after that there was a different way through the riessloch canyon back to bodenmais. without breaks lasts the tour 5 hours, with much appreciated breaks for enjoying the nature at least 7 hours 😄.what surprised me most was the fact that even in late may there was still some snow from the south side of the mountain. as the north side of arber is a skiing area, there is still a lot of natural + artificial snow from the anyway colder north side, you know?

enjoy few pictures
still some snow out there
 the rissloch waterfalls (also risloch, riesloch, rissloch, rießöloch - select the name you like most)
please choose the right way ... both finish at the großer arber plateau :-)
the insects' paradise
grosser arber, 1,456 m over the sea level
do not ask me what kind of surveillance / climate control stuff is that. or maybe just a meteorological observatory? who knows?
richard wagner (head) stone at the grosser arber
chamer hütte, 1298 m
great arber as seen from the small arber
kleiner arber peak (1383 m), the smal arber
back to the rissloch canyon
all in one 😏
more pictures here.

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