Wednesday, May 1, 2019

May Day = Mayday for the world :-)

i like the May Day celebration, especially when the weather is nice and sunny 💥. it is the international day of work (labor) and if spelt mayday it is the last call to save the world, if you asked me 😍. and yes, many peace, freedom, trade unions + justice movement groups join the traditional event / celebration every year.
this time i've been with my wife, so we enjoyed to spend the afternoon in the city :-)
sadhguru about work / labor
1. mai
the peace movement
no to wars
no to u.s. nuclear weapons in büchel / germany
no to plastic
sports = joy for children
beer = joy for adults
lunch break in schneider bräuhaus => many tasty weissbiers :-)
 isartor tower (former old city gate)
the best of all wives
a temporary dachshund (dackel) monument = arts 😎
no water in vater rhein brunnen
isar river
müllersches volksbad ~ the oldest public bath in munich
augustiner beer is currently the most popular beer in munich, but not my favorite
bloggers of all nations unite 😊 (click)
more pictures here
what about the last year's celebration in munich? just jump here

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