Saturday, July 25, 2020

lake rachelsee + strange beings in lower bavaria

we are quite often in lower bavaria, you know? in june, i hiked to the top of the grosser rachel mountain (1,453m above sea level) in the NP bavarian forest (aka bayerischer wald, böhmerwald, sumava). unfortunately, i could not see the lake rachelsee. why not? well, the lake was from the opposite site of the mountain as my parked car and i did not have had time (and neither the power) for and additional walk for 1 hour to the lake and next hour back .... this time i knew better from which site to access the gr. rachel area 😃

in the uckermark, they have ostriches + kangaroos, but in the bavarian forests there are strange beings too, my dears! deer, ferrets, galloways and other cows, koi carps, humans, unicorns, ducks ... much nicer and much more interesting than a zoo, wouldn't you say?

all in one ~ lake rachelsee + grosser rachel
enjoy few pictures:
moo, ecological apples consuming lawnmowers in voglöd 😄
koi carps
hello ms. ferret 😉
moo again, ms. galloway
think global, act local. we have visited the nearby garnecker galloways ranch in reut (+ shop + beer garden) with friends and learned a lot about the upsides and downsides of small local alpine animal farming by talking to the owner.
humans + unicorns   &&   humans + cows
good-bye, galloways ranch
the ferienhof gruber in voglöd have probabaly seen better times before ....
lake waldsee, julbach

i know, you are waiting for lake rachelsee pictures, aren't you?
NP bavarian forest (bayerischer wald / böhmerwald, niederbayern)
medieval gold mining in the bavarian hills
grosser rachel mountain (1,453m above sea level) 
lake rachelsee
rachel chapel ~ rachelkappele ~ source of the picture is wikipedia (author Horacio36) and can be used by creative commons copyright
bavarian forest is a rainy place, you know?
a good address for regional lunch/dinner close to the inn river is the gasthof loher in hartkirchen

more pictures here.

more bavarian lakes here


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