Wednesday, June 24, 2020

brandenburg II

our summer holiday trip (june 2020) in the shadow of the corona coronoia covid-19 plandemic continued with its last chapter in the federal state of brandenburg. unlike our visit 10 days ago, this time we travelled through brandenburg's eastern areas, especially the lake district uckermark and the river spree lowlands & wetlands of spreewald. of course, we have been there 2 years ago as well, but this time we've visited also some others landmarks, e.g. the chorin abbey (kloster chorin).

enjoy few pictures 😃

ostrich farm 'rätz' in berkenlatten close to gerswalde (uckermark, brandenburg, germany)
nice, our king's suite for 2 nights without light, water, toilet & co.
our neighbors at the ostrich ranch, a stork family with 3 babies
kangaroos in brandenburg? i would expect them rather in australia (darwin 2019)
barefoot parcour @ostrich ranch ~ gymnast meets fakir 😄
chorin abbey (kloster chorin)
lake sabinensee in willmine ~ munich occupies uckermark (M+M+M), isn't it?
lübbenau is the gate to spreewald. this time we've met our friends from the rajasthan-journey
cafe fontane ist our place to be in lübbenau ...
... is this crazy fountain (der sagenhafte brunnen) maybe for you? 😤
gleis 3 is a cultural center today
our cheap and nice hotel 'landgasthaus auszeit' in drahnsdorf (brandenburg, germany)
this timber-framed construction is probably just decoration, if you asked me. anyway, i love it.
the church in drahnsdorf 
timber-framed church in duben (brandenburg, germany) + the best of all wives (universe)
flooded clover meadow (shamrock / trefoil ~ kleewiese) at the lake talsperre pöhl close to plauen (sachsen / saxony, germany)

more pictures here.

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