Saturday, June 6, 2020

grosser rachel 1,453m ~ NP bavarian forest

when in neuhaus am inn, i like to explore the surrounding area. after altötting and simbach am inn was the NP bavarian forest (aka bayerischer wald aka böhmerwald) again my destination. this time the highest peak grosser rachel (1,453 m) inside the NP and the 2nd highest in this mountain chain after the 3m bigger grosser arber. the weather was not too good, but the sporadic light rain could not break my positive mood today 😄. just one thing did not happen as planned. i did NOT FIND the lake rachelsee. well, it was from tho oppostite side of the mountain and 1 additional hour of walking (in wrong direction) away. well, it is not really, so i have a reason to come back to the rachel area, find the lake and walk/climb up some other nearby peak next time 😎.
bark beetle (borkenkäfer) made a 'great' job in the NP. 
anyway, many, many small spruce trees (fichte) come back here again => 
=> the nature will find it's way, if we only allow
save the mountain cocks (auerhühner) .. or better save the world 😍 
summit cross, grosser rachel, 1453 m
mr. dog
town hall in frauenau & munich's workers' class soccer club 1860 :-)
my, myself & i
all in one ~ good-bye, grosser rachel
more pictures here.

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