Saturday, August 15, 2020

beautiful alps in allgäu + the eldest city in germany

what a beautiful weekend in allgäu 😎

even if this pretty part of world is less than 2 hours away from munich by car, we knew just the (cinderella) neuschwanstein castle and its surroundings like the hohenschwangau castle, the tegelberg mountain, the lake alpsee and the city of füssen till now. what a pity!

on the top of the iseler mountain (1876m). please do not comment on our hiking boots 😉

our stops this time were:

  • wildpoldsried
  • lake niedersonthofener see
  • city of kempten
  • hochmoor oberjoch (moor bath) - i was quite disappointed here as there is a wooden floor for security reasons and we could not walk trough the black swamp like it is possible in the moor lake in bad bayersoien. the locals said, the moor would tear us down, so let's believe an appreciate it 😇
  • mount iseler (1,876m)
  • wertach + lake grüntensee

what is a city by definition? there are few cities in germany with former roman military settlements / fortresses which claim to be  oldest german cities. well, kempten is the one closest to rome 😉 and yes, the northern alps were conquered by the romans approximately in 15 BC. anyway, there was already a celtic settlement kambodounon and later a roman fortress cambodunum at the iller river. of course, you can visit the archeological park if you want to. kempten is also the city which is mentioned as the eldest city in a document in germany as a celtic polis (city) kambodounon in 18 BC.

kempten, all in one or the best of the best?

enjoy few pictures:

lake niedersonthofener see
kempten ~ cambodunum
basilica st. lorenz
town hall
justitia. blind es always?
st. mang church
strange fauns (forest ghosts) at the sankt-mang-brunnen.
what about the faun music? here we go, faun with the wonderful katja moslehner:
old city gate + the archeological park cambodunum
iller river
hochmoor oberjoch (moor bath)
let's climb up the iseler mountain :-)
the shallow moor lake grüntensee
good-bye, allgäu 💖

more pictures here.


Jacky Aeni said...


Das sind wirklich wunderschöne Eindrücke von eurer Wanderung.
Haha... ja, die Schuhe bleiben wirklich besser unkommentiert ;D Wobei ich zugeben muss, dass ich auch gerade bei solchen Aktionen grundsätzlich die falschen Schuhe anziehe. Warum auch immer.

Lieben Gruß

jaro gruber said...

... für barfuß war es doch zu steinig, dafür nicht zu weit (ca. 1,5h hoch und dann wieder runter). wald + wiese sind da etwas gemütlicher :-)