Sunday, January 23, 2022

seeburg castle at lake starnberger see (bavaria)

what a nice day trip to the seeburg castle at the lake starnberger see close to münsing + berg.

lake lions in bavaria? ~ "seelöwen" 🐋🐅 vom schloss seeburg

a really NICE AND QUIET walk at the lake, the surrounding forest and the mini lake schwarzweiher. as the road out there seems to be private and just for neighbors, so most folks walk / cycle at the lake side quietly 😉

starnberg meets wolfratshausen

seeburg castle

a creek meets the lake
seelöwin trifft seelöwen
you can bring a horse to a water, but t has to drink by itself. you know?

the nearby castle allmannshausen ~ source of the picture by author Gras-Ober is wikipedia under free to use wikipedia/wikimedia commons license (cc-by-sa-3.0) here

lake schwarzweiher

for more pictures of lake starnberger see:

  • seeburg castle 2022 + possenhofen castle 2018 => lake starnbergersee
  • feldafing 2020 => the lake's west bank
  • wedding day 2021 at berg castle + assenhausen close to seeburg => lake's east bank
  • seeseiten + st. heinrich 2020 at the very south side

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