Saturday, January 8, 2022

poland 2022

unlike germany, here in poland we've met no discrimination as corona unvaccinated people at all. we could go to shops, restaurants, swimming pools, cinema, buy a coffee to stay and a coffee to go, sleep in a hotel. nice =>  I 💗 POLSKA.

the only thing needed was our negative covid test short before arrival in order to escape the 2 weeks of quarantine otherwise. even the mandatory masks in many public places inside closed buildings like in shops or hotels were not seen often as usually more than the half of the people, both employees and customers, did not wear a mask at all. what a nice experience for us corona tyranny bothered folks 😄

baltic - baltyk - ostsee meets amber (bernstein), the gold of the north
danzig - gdansk, PL, former west prussia
my left leg (picture below) is already outside the EU/NATO influence in
the polish-russian-border strip at krynica morska (kahlberg), part piasky
frozen baltic bay at krynica morska (kahlberg), PL

our stops in poland (polen, polska) this time:

  • ruda bugaj (+ alexandrow lodzki)
  • lodz / litzmannstadt / lodsch
  • krynica morska (kahlberg) in former east prussia (ostpreussen)
  • the man + digger made new mouth of wisla river (weichsel)
  • gdansk (danzig) in former west prussia (westpreussen) at the old death wisla river branch (martwa wisla) + moltawa river. there is wisla smiala river (brave wisla) in danzig as well, a strong but only 1 - 2 km short branch which flowed away from the dead wisla branch and mounts into the baltic sea before the city gates some 8-10 km earlier as the main dead wisla branch
  • castle jan III sobiesky in rzucewo (rutzau) + castle in rekowo gorne (rekau) in the region kaszuby (kaschubei, kaschubien, kashubia, cassubia) in former west prussia (westpreussen)
  • hel peninsula in former west prussia (westpreussen) + the baltic sea
  • puck (putzig) in former west prussia (westpreussen)
  • rewa ( + gdynia) in former west prussia (westpreussen)
  • lodz / litzmannstadt / lodsch again
  • goldberg (zlotoryja), lower silesia (11/2021)
  • löwenberg + greifenberg (lwowek slaski + gryfow slaski), lower silesia
  • castle czocha in lower silesia / niederschlesien / dolny slask. the castle was originally czech. the king vaclav II (wenzel II) donated 1315 not only his daughter agnes to a silesian duke, but also the czocha castle, its surroundings and all people living there. strange time that year 1315, wasn't it? 😵

 enjoy few pictures:

wanna look young again? easy. just allow the children of your friends
to take a picture of you with 'some effects' 😂
 the best of all wives in lodz
1,000 kinds of cabbage in the outdoor section of the market baluty (balucki rynek), lodz
ruda bugaj
let's go north ~ kahlberg (krynica morska)
the man + digger made new mouth of wisla river (weichsel)
danzig - gdansk

the famous crane gate in danzig (gdansk) at the old death wisla river branch (martwa wisla)

museum - seal hunters village, rzucewo (rutzau)
hotel castle jan III sobiesky in rzucewo (schloss rutzau)
hotel castle wieniawa in rekowo gorne (rekau)
hel peninsula
puck (putzig)
puck in cassubia (kaschuben, kaszuby, kaszebe)
puck in cassubia
goldberg (zlotoryja), lower silesia (11/2021)

lwowek slaski (löwenberg in schlesien)
gryfow slaski (greifenberg in schlesien) + czocha castle, lower silesia
our africa room

wtf? is there any war out there?
the castle brewery zamek czocha (lower silesia, PL) brews its 'von nostitz'
beer in the nearby city of breslau (wroclaw)
good-bye PL, good-bye lower silesia (11/2021)

the melody of my vaccation: kwiat jabloni (apple tree flower) about a world without a fear to sleep:

more PL pictures here.

insides from our last visit in southern poland (lower silesia) in november 2021 here.

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