Friday, November 4, 2022

precious metals fair (edelmetallmesse 2022), munich, DE

after 2 years of corona-related break there was again the yearly two days gold bugs festival, the edelemetallmesse, in the rooms of the city public transport company's MVG museum 😄

as usual, there were many familiar faces, gold bugs, libertarians, conspiracy theorists, friends, bullion dealers (and thus all the folks could buy physical gold + silver), analysts, fund managers, mining companies (after a talk to the old friend & CEO jack stoch i've increased my holdings in the small cap explorer company globex mining), newsletter writers, book sellers, speakers & co. 

themes out there? investments, gold, silver, stocks, real estate, bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, small dirty central banks FED / ECB / BoE / BoJ, crypto, tokens, inflation, economy, politics, globalization, great reset, NWO, covid-19, conspiracy theories, war in the ukraine,  autarky + autonomy + self-reliance, many (often really similar) forecasts 4 future ... 
the bottom line? for a fan like me was the event worth every second of my life i spent there and of course, afterwards in a nearby pizzeria 🍕 🍺 with friends too 😇

warning! if you are NOT interested in money, trading, investments, inflation, gold, silver, commodities, BTC bitcoin, stocks, stock exchanges & Co., you will probably not like this blog post. if YES + you speak german as many slides are in german? you will most likely love it  💗
my favourite speakers this year? markus miller, claudio grass, folker hellmeyer (netfunds), markus krall, eike hamer, max otte, thorsten polleit (degussa), steffen paulick (, martin siegel (stabilitas), peter denk (, uwe bergold, jürgen birner (pro aurum), michael ecker (volkskraftwerk).
edelemetallmesse 2022 in the MVG museum, munich
what a nice ambience for lectures & discussions 😄
max otte 2022 ~ platon, machiavelli, X, X, X, X, kissinger, brzezinski
markus miller 2022 ~ source:
markus miller 2022 ~ energy for 1 transaction BTC vs. ETH proof of work vs. ETH proof of stake
markus miller on paracelsus
markus miller on steve jobs + henry ford + human needs
claudio grass 2022
claudio grass 2022 on aristoteles
steffen paulick
bad luck for the bullion buyers at the show: gold + silver much more expensive today
folker hellmeyer
johann saiger 
=> good to buy/hold gold
dr. uwe bergold => good to buy/hold gold
dr. uwe bergold? => good to buy/hold gold
martin siegel (stabilitas fonds) 2022
martin siegel (stabilitas fonds) 2022 ~ habeck wußte schon am 23.02.2022,
daß rußland am 24.02.22 die ukraine angreifen wird?
martin siegel (stabilitas fonds) 2022
thorsten polleit (degussa)
deindustrialisierung deutschlands ... mit den überhöhten gaspreisen für u.s. LNG +
somit auch strompreisen wird sich diese auch weiter fortsetzen, oder?
inflationsmonster 😮
thorsten polleit (degussa)
peter denk ( 2022 on covid-19
peter denk ( on embargo / sanctions on russian gas by german government
~ former chancellor and gazprom representative gerhard schröder asks (for putin) 😂
valuable advice concerning our focus on things / issues / ideas ...

michael ecker (volkskraftwerk) 2022 - alternative currency? our work / life time 😄
michael ecker (volkskraftwerk) 2022 ~ sustainable energy generation
steffen paulick ( 2022
steffen paulick ( 2022
gustav le bon 1895
steffen paulick ( on CO2 and the green party movement
steffen paulick (

more 2022 pictures here and yes, if you want to, just visit my memories about the last (presence) fair in 2019 here.


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