Saturday, February 25, 2023

30th wedding anniversary, GaPa

what was my main question to the universe in the snowy end of february? easy! => is it possible to stay married to one and the same woman for 30 years? yes, it is ... thx so much my sweety you withstood with me that long. i love you so much 💗

30th wedding anniversary, hotel wittelsbacher hof in garmisch-partenkirchen (GaPa).

should i tell ya, what makes a long & happy relationship? well, let's think about it for a while ... probably with love + tolerance + similar IQ + similar worldview + freedom (of expression?) ... or should i better ask my wife tomorrow?  ... #happywifehappylife 😂

i've had quite a lot to do in my office, so i couldn't take few days off. at least i could work online from the nice alp mountains in garmisch. well, i started to work early, so i could finish early too and then we went for a walk + for dinner + one evening even to the small local theater for a performance of villagers / province town issues shown in a funny way in a criminal comedy (die leiche vom riessersee? der mordfall vom riessersee?), so it was a really nice time out there. in winter time you can't walk outside too long, anyway, could you? 😃 ... and than there came the weekend and also sooo much snow the 2nd or 3rd night in partenkirchen ... 
omg, it was so crazy, we were at the border between garmisch and partenkirchen and even the hotel owners couldn't tell us if it is already partenkirchen or still garmisch ... there was the partnach river to the left and the train tracks to the right of our hotel ... okay, if you asked me, i prefer nature made borders like oceans, mountain massifs, desserts, huge rivers or lakes much more than the man made administrative borders, you know?

at the way home we managed to walk a nice winter country trail at the isar river somewhere between krün and wallgau and had a nice lunch at the lake walchensee after that.

enjoy few pictures:
two of us at frozen lake riessersee above garmisch
hotel wittelsbacher hof, GaPa
view from our balcony
view from my mobile office, day #1 🌞
view from my mobile office, day #2 ⛄
garmisch by night
does justitia love the local wheat beer (weißbier) @zum wildschütz?
arts? modern lady vs. old oven (in our hotel)
the local theater stage in germisch
center of garmisch
we've seen this beautiful wall paintings by night, too. didn't we?
casino - spielbank, GaPa
zentrum garmisch = center of garmisch
walk around the frozen lake riessersee
ski jump in partenkirchen
sebastianskircherl, partenkirchen
sadhguru is so right, isn't he?
isar river somewhere between krün & wallgau
krün (or wallgau)?
historical picure of the village of krün, the wood processing at the isar river + the alps
lake isarstausee krün
village walchensee at lake walchensee
guest house gasthof zur post, village walchensee at lake walchensee
lake walchensee
good-bye, lake walchensee 🐋
more pictures here.

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