Friday, April 24, 2009

+2.43% today :o)

folks, what a nice day + nice week for my portfolio! the price of gold/silver/oil moved up a lot today, so did my portfolio :o)

it is sooooo pity i didn't put more money in my last week's investments as nearly everything i've bought increased a lot, but i hadn't more funds available :o(. folks, i did even reduce the originally planned amount which i had to give back to my funds of last resort by 1,000 €uros and invested that money into commodity stocks! anyway, even if that was not the best result possible i think i could call that the best result in given situation :o)

=> never forget the risk-reward-ratio
=> do not put all your money in the game
=> always remember u could be wrong :o]

what about my trading account? hmmmmm, there is nearly the same stuff (= silver, gas, coffee, sugar, orange juice CFDs) contained as in my investing account, therefore was this week's result also quite nice ;-)
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