Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Munich Re .... AGM

annual general meeting ... folks, what about some culinary improvement of the high, high, high dividend (approx. 5%, they paid about 70% of the 2008's profit as dividend this year and want to use the additional part as a special liquidity buffer). what about the economical outlook from the perspective of the industry leader in the re-insurance business?

well, there have been some interesting views on the (financial) markets, current deflation because of deleveraging, inflation 2 come, bail-outs, the conservative market and risk approach @ munich re, ... fine food, much too strong coffee, ...

the most used word/phrase? financial crisis ... of course! well, concerning the CEO von bomhard ist the financial crisis far from over => do not overvalue the current (bear market?) rally in the financial stocks :o))

inflation? let's buy some more gold/commodity stocks:
  • freegold ventures - Au
  • bhp billiton - metals, oil, diamonds, ...
  • K+S - potash - new
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