Thursday, April 2, 2009

even more oil speculation ...

my next call option on oil :o))

trading symbol: DE000GS1T2M2 (~GS1T2M)
underlying future: brent oil
strike: $70
price: €2.54
maturity date: 12.11.2012 (= 1 year longer than my previous option)

what else? i've bought few shares of:
  • zimtu capital corp. (venture capital / holding corp. in mining sector - new, read about my dinner with CEO david hodge)
  • münchener rück (that was the only missing munich based dax30 company in my portfolio => folks, let's meet at AGM of allianz [april], bmw [may], linde [may], man [tomorrow!], münchener rück [april], siemens [january]). well, i think that was only frustration purchase (~ frustkäufe ???) while watching the rising stock prices today because my mind is so occupied by evaluating options as there is sooooooo much to decide about my future in my office job currently ...
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