Friday, April 3, 2009

MAN's 129th AGM in 251st company's year

hell, what a difference to siemens or bmw! there was a short organisational speech from the head of supervisors board, a short speech from the CEO, just 5 shareholders asking questions, all decisions agreed by 85+ percent of votes, the most of them with a majority of 99+ percent ...

folks, that was the company with the highest profit among all dax30 'competitors' in 2008 !!!

something else about the annual general meeting? well, the catering was fine, i drunk a lot of coffee and eat some funny vegetarian dish with an extra portion of spicy, spicy, spicy sauce as someone else withdraw the top cover which was designed to portion the amounts of that devil's stuff falling on each plate ;o))

what about the MAN prospects in 2009? well, the trucks + buses will suffer a lot, the wind energy + diesel engines sector could outperform even under that crazy market conditions ...

next AGM? same place (icm, messegelände münchen) on april, 1st 2010. it is not a joke, see u there?
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