Saturday, August 1, 2009

DON'T search for #itsuckswhen on twitter :o))

social media, social mania, social level?

folks, wanna learn from others people's mistakes or better wait till u will do them yourself?

well, i've spent soooooo much time searching for the TOP 1 'trending topic' #itsuckswhen on twitter yesterday :o(. i think the poor michael jackson (RIP) couldn't move more folks 2 write some crazy/funny/awful/etc. stuff than such a senseless topic ... i came to bed @ 04:24 a.m. next morning ... could i do more useful instead? sure. could i at least balance my sleep deficits from last week instead? sure ...

could we learn anything from that? sure! the craziness & hysteria of homo sapiens has no limits, our financial bubbles are just a small examples of the mania of the 'financial' folks out there

#itsuckswhen #twitter #twitpic

btw, u could see my twitter-favorites-box here :o)

it became even more stupid few years later ... poorworld ... at least the proposed twitter account libertytalks seems to be something valuable :-)

poor world?
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