Saturday, August 8, 2009

#jarobuys acadian mining, ECU silver, sabina silver ... OR who's opinion is right? mr. market's or mine?

well, i do not believe there is much time left 2 buy commodities soooooo cheap for too long especially gold, silver, gas, agriculture ...let's buy some more explorer stocks!
  • acadian mining - Zn, Pb, Ag, Cu, Au in nova scotia / canada. that guys have been HIGHLY bankruptcy endangered few weeks/months ago, but now, where the legal protection (~ canadian chapter 11) on their major asset nova scotia mine is well resolved + a strategical partner invested about $10m + the operations commenced again .... now should be everything fine, well? but why is the stock price still sooooo damned down?!? why does the market not recognize that issue? what's wrong? anyway, let's bet on their recovery! mr. time will prove (soon?) who's opinion was right , mr. market's or mine? btw, what's your guess?
  • sabina silver - Zn, Pb, Ag ... i think they've plenty of cash 2 continue the development of their hackett river mine ... let's lean back + enjoy their progress
  • ECU silver - Ag! they do already produce some silver, have strong partnership with industry leader pan american silver, just the share price doesn't respond accordingly ... who's wrong here? again mr. market? let's bet on that also

ps: folks, pls don't tell my wife i 'wasted' next money on stocks, she'd kill me i think ...

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