Thursday, August 6, 2009

my crazy micro-caps :-)

folks, watching my portfolio's pennystocks is like lottery. who will be lucky and who not today? few highlights:
  • qimonda +47.92% (my guess: still highly bankruptcy endangered chip producer and (worldwide?) technology leader ... i think it is also the last european chip producer for some special chips at all, but qimonda wasn't big & important enough to get bailouted by german government or some european funds ... well, europe prefers 2 bailout 'soooo neeeded' bankrupt car makers, department stores + banks .... aaand thus 2 buy their computer & mobile devices chips in asia instead. IMO is qimonda a no buy anyway!)
  • scorpio mining +27.27% (my guess: healthy! no company related news 2day, but 5 times the usual trading volume => folks, that's my 2nd biggest portfolio position! i think after german market re-adjusts the late canadian price movements it will prolly become my #1 by volume tomorrow)
  • sterling mining, also +27.27% (my guess: even if they won some legal issue on lease rights 4 the sunshine mine / idaho recently, they're still highly bankruptcy endangered, no buy!)
  • vg gold +11.84% (no guess as i don't understand what's going on there. btw, u still remember their geyser-like advancement into thin air highs after rob mcewen's investment? yep? that stock is up +396.43% in the last 30 days according 2 my broker's software and +89.89% compared 2 my initial purchase price ...)

go, explorers, go!

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