Wednesday, August 5, 2009

damned stupid! (u.s. silver instead of uc resources)

folks, i've missed the right silver company just by 1 place in my portfolio list!

well, u.s. silver rose a little bit (+7%), but the proper silver guys are their name-neighbors uc resources!!! they rocketed +45% today (intraday even +55%). what about the volume? yep, 18 times the usual heap i.e. 3.9m shares instead of 200k .

what makes our poor homo sapiens financialis that crazy? is there any possible explanation? well, they've announced today:

UC Resources has Commenced Drilling at McFaulds Lake, 9:14 AM ET, August 4, 2009 ...

whaaaaaat? they've just started drilling? they didn't find anything yet? it's august now, the drilling season mostly over! hell, that's damned late 2 start drilling @ some stupid lake!!!

btw, what's your opinion? maybe are there some folks who know more than that or maybe even mr. market himself!

ps: explorer stocks are so crazy & sometimes sooooo exciting :-)

pps: still remember vg gold? they're +11.77% today => closed @ CAD 0.38

addendum, november 26, 2009:
well, that was a BAAAAAD quarterly report @ u.s. silver yesterday :-(

hell, a small loss even at these really high silver prices, cash costs per ounce increased from $11 to $13 ...

oh my dear! my mexican and peruvian producers have cash costs of approx $3 - $6, my base metals producers with silver as by-product abt $1 (@ scorpio mining i think) and there was also a company which has reported cash costs for silver of MINUS $5. silver for -5 usd? folks, got it? that's much, much, much better than silver for free! if they sold all their zinc, led, copper, they've made a profit above $5 and still have all that shiny silver on top! ... well, i didn't remember the name of that company, i think it was prolly one from the trio endeavor silver, 1st majestic silver, fortuna silver ... but i could be wrong on that ... you know, i have more than 30 silver companies in my portfolio as i can't store all of them in a single watch list @ tsx website :o)

hell, let's hope the metal prices in Q4 will support u.s. silver a lot + their stock price will skyrocket soon + i will reach the winning zone again (btw, even if the last purchase shows a profit of abt 13% i'm still abt 15% down on u.s. silver)

c'est la vie ...

go, silver, go !!!
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