Tuesday, October 20, 2009

will we ever see gold below $1.000 again?

hell, hell, hell!

unbelievable! mr. market reads the comments 2 my blog posts, doesn't he? well, i think he liked my yesterday's comment soooo much that he didn't wait a single day and ran immediately in 'my' blindly anticipated direction (only my 'stomach-feeling' decided, no indicators, no stats, no analysts, no market data, nothing but my intuition :-)

btw, did someone watch the commodity markets today? e.g. base metals or agricultural products? no? well, the most stuff increased by 2.4% to 3.5% in a single day. damned! that's 3.5 per cent more than on friday!!! crazy, isn't it? hmmmmm, did the commodities lost their confidence in fiat money today completely? will homo sapiens follow their opinion soon?

folks, it's an inflationary hard assets rally, i think :)

some folks speak already about gold @1,750 dollars? that would be so nice for all gold bugs out there and especially very, very nice for u.s.a. --- they still possess the biggest part of world's gold :-(

ps: it is hard to admit, but the u.s. government is in my opinion much smarter than its reputation :-)
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