Wednesday, October 14, 2009

diversification? no! all-time-high instead :o)

folks, you still remember i told u not to diversify but to buy just the 'right' securities, do u? well, diversification makes sense just 4 folks who DO NOT KNOW what's right and what is not, which is prolly true for the most folks out there on the financial markets :-)

i wanted 2 tell u about the all-time-high in my gold-silver-commodities investment account already 3 or 4 days ago but couldn't find any time 2 do so. well, as the gold/silver price continued to move further upstairs, so did my portfolio :-). even today reached 20 out of my 123 positions their 52 weeks highs and few others are not far away from their yearly highs as well, most of them are commodity stocks, of course :o). could it be that it's the end of the game now and it's a time to sell everything? i don't think so as many of that stocks are still significantly below their summer 2008 levels, which was, of course, before that damned crashy october 2008 (pls, pls never come back!), so there is still some hope and still some space for some further increase, i believe ... so let's use the famous dow-gold-ratio 2 determine when is the right time to sell :-)

i'm not sure if we will see an inflationary rally in price of everything besides the soooo weak USD or just an inflationary rally in gold / silver / hard assets / commodities and a crash in financial (paper) assets soon? hmmm, there is so much damned paper money out there, isn't it? it is not like the damned dreams-destroying october 2008, is it? but anyway: good-bye fiat money, good-bye corrupt governments, good-bye small dirty central banks! GO, GOLD BUGS, GO !!!
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