Friday, October 30, 2009

inflation, inflation, inflation ... in money supply

(wanna see the chart abt. the u.s. monatry base since 1920? just follow this link, i'm sure you're shocked like hell now!)

folks, that's unbelivable, just watch the estimated global currency in circulation (1971-2009):

=> watch out! die inflationary monster out there :-) ... btw, do you have enough gold, silver, real estate, farm land, picasso on the wall and all the other hard assets ALREADY?

why? because our chief monetary advisors act like that:
the european money-printer (ECB) are not any better than ben bernanke :-(. btw, bernanke's helicopter can't avoid recession and in reality he would need many B52 bomber to dispose all that money he already added to the system :(

or would you like the chief money printer appearing like this?

... or even as god and money as our single religion? no, that would be too much, isn't it?

Hölle, so viele neue nette Hinweise! Das Problem ist nur, Bernanke (Busch + Obama-Administration) zu werfen, dass. das Geld vor allem an der Wall Street, nicht an der Hauptstraße! btw, es in Europa gibt keinen Unterschied, dass. seltsame Vertriebssystem :-(

Warum müssen wir Steuern zahlen zulassen, dass. Leute? es ist unsere (Steuer-) Geld, nicht wahr? Der homo sapiens ist soooo dumm o:(


jaro gruber said...

agriculture + gold/silver + renewable energy :-)

... + major commodity stocks (bhp, vale, rio tinto, petrobras, ...) for the long run?

jaro gruber said...

added 2 more pictures about benflation :)